As a kid I made my own drumkit out of some old pots and jerry cans and grooved along with the disco and funky hits from the seventies and eighties. Still love those melodic songs! Later on I listened to bands who were into this Jazzrock Fusion thing. Like Steps Ahead, Casiopea, Lee Ritenhour, Allan Holdsworth etc. Never knew what they were doing, but it sounded cool!;-)

So if you are into Funky Jazzy tunes, I hope you’ll enjoy the backing tracks I’ve made. Most of them have an uplifting theme with a groovy bass line. If you get inspired to push your solo to another level, then I did my job well! So let’s make some music!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, remarks, or if you need a taylor made composition or some assistance with a production. I’ll be happy to see how I can help! See you! Bart.