Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, both methods are accepted, finish the billing process and press “Proceed to PayPal”. After this you can choose wether you like to pay with your PayPal account or with a Credit Card. PayPal also handles our Credit Card payments.
Yes, when checking out, check the box “Direct Bank Transfer” and press “Place Order”. You will see our bank details for payment. You can use your personal bank application to pay us, or contact your bank. After your payment is received, you will get an email with the download link.


After payment you’ll be directed to the page where you can download your product immediately. You will also get an email with a download link.
If FireFox is your browser, you could notice some download errors. FireFox does not use (yet) the new SPDY http2 connection. Try to download the files one by one and wait till it’s done before clicking on the next file. Use Chrome or Safari as an alternative. Contact me if things still doesn’t work out. I’ll make sure you’ll get your files in a different way.
Go to “My Account” at the bottom of the website. Even if you never made an account you can make one here! Click on “Lost your password?” and follow the instructions. Use the same email address as when you purchased the products. Now you can login and download the products again. Follow these same instructions if you lost your password.


Yes you can. I would appreciate it if you’ll add a link to my website.
Yes, only if you don’t get paid more than a small amount for your costs. Commercial activities in general are not allowed. I would appreciate it if you’ll tell your audience about the composer/producer.
The tracks are for personal use only. You cannot, resell the tracks, give away copy’s, change or modify them, or use them, or let them use, for any commercial activity. You cannot use them for any audio or video production, other than in a personal jam video on Social Media. All rights of the songs and productions stay with the composer/producer. Contact me at if you have any special request for the use of one or more songs or tracks.

Working Together

if we are a musical match, and the timing is right, I would love to!;-)